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Bronco Raptor

October 5th, 2023 by

The Bronco Raptor is here! This thing is like nothing we have ever seen before! While a lot of people would have preferred the 5.0L V8 in the Bronco Raptor, there is a lot of controversy about whether or not that engine could even fit in the Bronco. Because of that, we are left with…

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Are Dealerships Dying?

“When do you think car lots will be ‘normal’ again? Do you think this is a plan to force more manufacturer leverage by reducing inventory and giving the customer less leverage? Is the government forcing EVs with gas prices and vehicle shortages?” These are questions we were sent by a YouTube subscriber. In all honesty,…

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12 Things I LOVE about the Ford GT

It’s almost been one year since I got my Ford GT! Here are 12 things I LOVE about it: 1. Carbon Series- This is a Carbon Series GT which means bare carbon is exposed on the vehicle. It really shows Ford’s craftsmanship when building the GT. 2. Aerodynamics – The wing in the back is…

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10 Things I HATE About the Ford GT

You all know that I LOVE my Ford GT but here are 15 things that I hate about it: 1. Extremely hard to get in and out of. It’s very close to the ground and being 6’3, I kind of just have to fold in and pivot to get inside. The good thing is, the…

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6 Ways to Get Your Bronco Faster!

So you ordered your Bronco and you’ve been waiting on it for years. Now what? We may be able to help you get it faster! These are the things to consider changing to speeding up your Bronco production: Sasquatch Package The Sasquatch package isn’t the only way to make your Bronco look big. TCcustoms offers…

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Roush vs. Whipple Supercharger

Should I buy the Roush Supercharger or the Whipple Supercharger? This is a question we hear almost daily. Before we put them to the test, we had to do a little research on the history of both companies. Roush’s history dates back to 1964. Jack Roush was a lead engineer for engines and powertrains at…

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How to Get Your F-150 Lightning at the Cheapest Price!

Well, it has already started! Dealers are already trying to gouge the prices of the All New Ford F-150 Lightning. I have already seen some of these vehicles advertised for up to $145,000! If you are in the market for an F-150 Lightning, you are going to want to read this all the way through….

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Ford F-150 Lightning

March 3rd, 2022 by

We polled our sales consultants for the most commonly asked Ford F-150 Lighting and have compiled a list below: What is an F-150 Lightning? It is an all electric version of the Ford F-150.  What is a “frunk”? A front trunk where the engine would be in a regular F-150. It is 14 cubic ft…

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Bronco Everglades – Everything You Need to Know

February 22nd, 2022 by

Ford Motor Company recently debuted the 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades! This trim slides between the Black Diamond and Outer Banks and is built to breathe when the air gets thick. It comes with 4 doors and a MIC hard top. The customer can choose Eruption Green, Area 51, Shadow Black, Cactus Gray, or the new…

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Keep Your Ford Clean With These Top Tips From Town & Country Ford!

March 15th, 2021 by

The beginning of spring is just around the corner! During this time of year, it also prompts us to dust away the cobwebs with some spring-cleaning. Although the annual cleaning feels like a daunting task, starting to season off clutter-free is a relaxing feeling. As we gear up to clean out our offices, homes, and…

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